Iglesia Damasco Church


Our Promise To You

     Iglesia Damasco is committed to living, working, and serving God together with other believers. We believe the Bible is God's infallible word. We believe it is our privilege to share the Gospel wherever we go to our family, friends, and community. 

     We believe God intended his church to share his heart, mind, and purpose, taking the good news of His love to a lost and dying world. We challenge all believers to shine the light of Jesus where we live, work, and play. We believe that a family that serves God is a happy family.

     We invest in our family's future through children's ministries, youth ministries, bible studies, and leadership development.

About Us


Pastor Salomon Ruano

I am Salomon Ruano. My wife, Magda and I have been pastoring Iglesia Damasco since 2007. We have one daughter, Belen. 

I grew up in El Salvador, Central America. I came to the USA as a young man escaping the civil war in El Salvador. I was called by God into ministry since my youth. I received Christ in my heart at the age of 15. I immediately felt a passion for the lost souls. I would preach in the streets of El Salvador. 

Upon coming to USA I kept my Christian roots and sought a church right away.  As always, God kept calling me to serve and I obeyed. I now pastor Iglesia Damasco in Caldwell, Idaho. 

Our church has been growing quickly and I continue to value God and family. My wife and I place a great emphasis on children and youth. We love our community and look for ways to serve God inside and outside the four walls of the church. 


Our vision statement is: A better future for the Family.